Rhino Charge Engineering Teams With Elk Products to Develop Low-Cost Battery Analyzer

Hildebran, North Carolina. Elk Products has contracted Rhino-Charge Engineering to develop a battery analyzer which will read out voltage, conductance and a temperature-compensated capacity in amp hours for 12 volt batteries. The battery analyzer will complement the line of industrial security systems that Elk Products manufactures and distributes.

The battery analyzer will check the state-of-health of stand-by batteries in seconds.  The analyzer will allow the technician to discriminate between those batteries that will last until the next service and those that should be replaced now.  This capability reduces service calls for unexpected failures, controls battery replacement costs, and helps keep good batteries from being discarded before the end of their useful life.

"The good battery analyzers currently on the market are grossly over-priced. The cheaper ones are okay for automotive batteries, but not well suited for stand-by applications. We will give the stand-by battery maintainers a very affordable analyzer to check the health of the battery without running a discharge," says Rhino-Charge chief of engineering, Glenn Crosby.

Click here for more on the ELK-BLT Battery Life Tester!

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