Rhino-Charge Engineering Develops On-Board Charger for 48 V Hybrid Electric Motorcycle

Rhino-Charge developed an innovative custom on-board charger for a new product in the emerging Indian hybrid motorcycle market. The battery is cleverly designed to charge by either the gasoline engine using input from a 12 V/70 amp alternator or as a plug in from a 24 - 36 V DC source, eliminating the need for dual chargers. Rhino-Charge achieved this design using positive and negative pulse charging technology.

The charger provides rapid charging, battery conditioning, a full charge on each charge, and self-equalization. The device has an extended life cycle through minimal heating, minimal gassing, and plate desulfation during the charging process.

This charger is ideal for innovative electric transportation technology because it provides a durable, high reliability product with an extended battery life. The motorcycle will debut in the Indian market in 2014.
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