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Why Rhino-Charge?

Semi-Custom and Custom Design Services

At Rhino-Charge, we understand that batteries come in all shapes and sizes. Commercial off the shelf chargers serve the needs of many, but what happens if there are no commercial chargers in the size you need? We at Rhino-Charge offer two solutions: Semi Custom and Custom design services.

Semi-custom: Often times you can find a charger that will almost work for your battery, but not quite. The packaging or termination voltages might be off. The algorithm might not be suitable for your application. The best solution in this case is to modify an existing battery charger. Rhino-Charge has expertise in charger development and design, so we aren't afraid to rip the cover off of a charger and modify it to suite your needs. We also maintain a working relationship with other suppliers.  They will often cooperate in advising us how to make a necessary modification.  Sure, we may get some battery acid holes in our clothes and maybe a battery will blow up, but that's not anything we can't handle.

Custom: Sometimes there just isn't any charger designs close enough to even modify. We at Rhino-Charge step in at this point and build a custom design for your application. You choose the voltage, packaging, maintenance parameter and other variables and we will make a high quality rapid pulse charger to your specifications. Our expertise with rapid pulse charge technology allows us to offer competitive pricing on custom orders, because we know what we are doing and we don't waste any time messing around.

Why Choose Rhino-Charge?

1) We Know Battery Chargers
     We know battery chargers and will find the one that bests fulfills your needs, even if we don't make it. And if we can't find one on the market, we'll build it for you.

2) We work with our competitors
     There are a lot of good rapid chargers on the market. For some sizes, voltages, and output, we have decided to work with our competitors and sell their products rather than developing a competing product. This means that we spent no development money, we've just done our homework. So you'll get a quality rapid charger at the most competitive price.

3) Design experience
     We've built a lot of rapid pulse battery chargers. We have worked with other rapid pulse companies to develop chargers. We have modified many of these chargers. We're up to our eyeballs in battery chargers.

4) Algorithm development
     We believe that Rhino-Charge has the best algorithm development team for rapid charger technology applications. In fact, we provide the algorithms for other charger manufacturers. When we build a custom charger, we put this team to work for you. We optimize the algorithm for your specific application so that you are getting the best charge and battery maintenance possible.

5) Friendly customer service
     Rhino-Charge is responsive to the needs of our customers. Our job is to help you solve your battery charging problems. We're not satisfied until you are.

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